The Brief Grading Process Of Fruiti Fresh Step By Step

Pre-Sorting: Handpicked kinnows are carefully, pre-sorted at the farm. This process eliminated unwanted fruits from being transported to the packing house. It is important that all handpicked kinnows are carefully transported for packing, where 20kgs plastic bins are used.

Sorting 1: Kinnows which are filled in the plastic bin than carefully plastic on the sorting conveyor, where skilled worker hand-check kinnows and reject low quality or unwanted pieces.

Washing: Clean, drinking water mix with food detergent is sprayed to remove field dirt. The water is regularly checked and tested at the laboratory to ensure purity and cleanliness.

Drying: It is important to dry kinnow after washing, before they are coated with wax.

Waxing and Application of Fungicide:
Fungicide, together with wax is applied after the drying process. The fungicide and wax, namely Thaibendozole and Imazalil, (FOMESA FRUITECH) are imported from EU countries and comply with international standards of EU, HACCP.

Post Wax Drying:
Once wax is applied, the drying process begins under controlled temperature of hot drying at 35-55 °C to ensure complete and effective drying of the fruits.

Sorting 2:
After washing and waxing, Kinnows shine in full luster. Any unwanted fruit is further sorted on the sorting 2 conveyor.

All our Kinnows are processed using state of the art sizer which separate the kinnow according to their Size/Grades, machine that handles the job from washing to packing stage. Kinnows, that are not up to standards in color, weight, size and quality are rejected. Moreover, with soft handling of fruits during processing, the machine protects the fruit from any mechanical injuries.

Sorting 3:
Highest quality premium fruits are our top priority so the fruits are sorted at final stage on sorting 3 conveyor after washing, waxing and grading so that only premium quality fruits are packed.

Fruiti Fresh pack house meets high international standards of quality control. It is one of the most modern citrus packing house in Pakistan, where each piece is hand-packed

in its final stage. Qualifies and experienced skilled workers place Kinnows in corrugate cartons/ Plastic Bins of 5Kg to 13 Kg or in cartons of different sizes, according to customer's requirements, ensuring safe handling. Moreover, food grade stickers are placed on top layers and finally packages are strapped for sorting.

Pre-Cooling :
Temperature of Kinnows should be cooled down, before storing or loading into containers, in a desirable temperature of +4 °C Fruiti Fresh is equipped with state of the art computer controlled pre-cooling chambers.

Cold Storage:
Fruiti Fresh operates its own cold storage facilities in Karachi and Sargodha. These facilities have the latest equipment for preservation of optimum quality. We have a storage capacity of Half a million 10 Kg cartons. After pre-cooling, Kinnows are stored in cold storage, before they are loaded onto reefer containers.

Cool Chain:
Fruiti Fresh strongly focuses on maintaining its cool chain Transportation of Kinnow is carried out by refrigerated containers clip on with Generators from Processing Plant factory to Karachi Port / Taftan Border (all the way temperature is maintained at +04 °C to ensure longer shelf life.

Delivery to Port/Destination:
Upon reaching the containers at Karachi Port, we have our own Custom Forwarding Agents hence ensuring the timely shipments to our customers.

Kinnow / Mandarin Grading Process Overview